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Back to forest school, 2022!

We are so happy to be sinking back into the autumn season with a new class! Our two classes, the Sprouts and the Saplings, worked together a lot this past week to build school community and get comfortable with our daily rhythm. For our first day, we hiked up to meet the beautiful Manzanita, whose berries can be crushed make delicious "sugar" with a little focus and effort.

The older Saplings also studied words that start with M, like Manzanita, and created their own Mountains both on paper and with their hands.

On Thursday we celebrated the Autumn Equinox with a beautiful edible Earth art offering to the birds and animals. The children arranged apples, raspberries, grapes, and lots of flowers and leaves to see and feel the abundance of this beautiful time of year. We all shared in the fruits of the season and expressed our gratitude for the summer we just had.

Of course we spent lots of time enjoying the abundant sunshine and sweet, crisp fall air while we explored all over the land at Pacifica, meeting frogs, birds, and deer along the way.

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