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6-9 years old 
Saplings Class

In the 2023/24 school year we will continue to grow with our Saplings. We hope this will support our forest school families and keep our children learning with their feet on the Earth, working with their hands and hearts. This class is designed to support homeschool families and not necessarily a full replacement for a more "traditional" grades program, although we believe it is a deep and rich experience for our students. Depending on your child and your academic goals you may need to supplement this program with additional lesson time at home. 

9:30 pm- 2 pm Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays
For 6-9 year olds who are ready for a 1st-3rd grade curriculum

Small class with a maximum of 10 students
Tuition: $500/month
(Financial assistance available through Teach NW. Scholarships may be available). 

This class will continue to focus on nature immersion with wilderness awareness practices, mindfulness, and earth skills supporting us each day. We will also build motor skills with more advanced handcrafts, art projects, and ancestral skills like food harvesting, fire tending, wood carving, and basic weaving.  Nature-based academics will be a focus with writing, reading, art and math lessons woven into our daily rhythm. The whole school spends time learning in a village-style environment that promotes a strong sense of community and connection. 


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