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2023 Summer Session!

Week 1: We got started by exploring our landscape, and gathering flowers, plants and grasses that we encountered on our journey to weave into a Y-stick, which we also harvested along the way. This activity helped us all orient to the land and season, noticing which flowers were blooming and where, what plants were in what life stage, and where they were located. We learned to identify them as friends asked questions about each beautiful bloom. We also used found fibers to learn cordage making, or the art of making rope from plants!

But it was cold at the beginning of the week! We made a fire in the Sky Lodge and roasted everything in our lunches that we could figure out how to roast. Cooking on the fire is one of our favorite forest school activities!

On Tuesday we explored the sensory experience that is wet felting wool. Taken straight from the fleece off of a sheep, we all worked to fluff and prepare the fiber for felting. Then just add water, soap, and lots of elbow grease! We felted squares to sew into treasure pouches later in the week.

We also celebrated Summer Solstice together by making a big sundial on the Earth to use the shadow-tip method of orientation. This knowledge of how to find our directions using the sun is ancient and feels so good to practice.

Week 2: Celebrating all the amazing colors around us on the Earth at this summer Solstice time of year! Our big project this week was to find rocks at the creek that we could grind into powder and then make into paint. Success!

We found more than rocks at the creek! There was endless exploration happening here.

And of course we've always got our "coyote ears," and "owl eyes" on, tuning our awareness to the rhythms of the land. We observed frogs, fish, birds, and even a black-tailed jackrabbit! We wrapped up our days with a quiet story and gratitude circle.

Thank you to all of our dedicated families and the effort and energy you put into making this experience possible for your child! And thank you to our amazing teachers who put so much love into our program and share so much goodness with our students.

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