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  • Torreyanna Suttle

Weaving our stories

We explore the streams in the meadow, gathering under a ponderosa pine that shelters us from the raindrops, a perfect spot for morning circle till the the llamas come to say hello!

So many treasures are found all around us, mushrooms, snail shells, mossy sticks, feathers, slugs and stones. It is palpable, we feel the excitement of everything growing and returning to the earth.

Weaving represents transformation and as we watch our world transform from winter to spring, we practice weaving God's Eyes, or Ojos de Dios, which is a basketry skill often used to secure two hoops together to form the base of a basket.

Choose a painted stone from the basket and tell its story, we take turns in the telling, weaving our tale, practicing listening with quiet coyote ears. Shhh, stories that have never been told before are hatching!

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