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Stars in apple, seedpod, pear...

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

Stars around us everywhere! We discovered the magic of slicing an apple to find the stars inside, and made apple star stamps with our homemade blackberry ink from earlier in the fall.

The Saplings studied words starting with the letter A this week: Apples and Acorns! We all worked hard to grind up the acorns we have been cracking for the past several weeks into a beautiful flour, to be taken home to leech (the process of removing the tannins to make them edible). We will bring the leeched acorn flour back to school later this month to make acorn cakes over the fire. Teacher Sarah brought her grain grinder and set it up so everyone could take a turn grinding the acorns.

There was lots of good teamwork this week too, building homes for some beautiful insect friends we found. Thinking about what insects need to live, what might make them happy, how they stay warm and dry, etc. are some of the best ways to inspire compassion and understanding of these small forest friends while also learning how to work together.

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