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Our new nest!

We put up our 18 foot tipi last weekend and introduced the children to our new space. Tipis are a beautiful and solid structure that we are so grateful to have as our home base to anchor our adventures at Cascade Mountain Ranch. We chose a location for the tipi that is nestled into a grove of madrone and oak trees, overlooking a small meadow and seasonal creek to inspire lots of exploration and learning.

After moving our big morning energy with an upbeat hike and nature exploration time, we welcomed the children to the tipi with a quiet drawing project and free play time for them to play with some of the natural materials we have available for quiet play. The sweetest moment of the day for us as teachers was observing quietly as the children decided all by themselves to share the stories of their drawings with each other.

Our week was cut short by wildfire smoke, which filled our valley again briefly before a good rain brought relief over the weekend. We are giving thanks for rain this week and enjoying the fresh air, the smell of wet earth, and the shifting of the season on the land at Cascade Mountain Ranch.

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