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Frogs and cattails

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

It's early October and the heat hasn't subsided yet! So we are spending our days finding shade and water, where the frogs and cattails live. We are finding so many frogs, much to the delight of our class. So many frogs that one area of the land has been named, "Frog Town." In perfect rhythm, our Saplings class studied words beginning with F this week and so we all practiced our "fox walking" too.

One of our favorite fall crafts is making cattail or corn husk "people" that come to life and join us in our play. Cattails leaves are best harvested in the fall, after the plant's energy goes back down into its roots. This helps the cattail plants produce leaves and seeds for the next year, so by waiting until fall to harvest them, we can be better caretakers of this important food plant.

And of course, we are always exploring and playing our favorite nature connection games.

We also had a sweet visit from a young deer friend during snack time!

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